Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Big Day Down and Still Going Strong!

Today was a big day. I was so excited to present Summerfest to the community. I had been working on this event for the past two months and I was really excited by the result. The event had over 50 vendors, petting zoo, a huge bounce house and slide, a real fire truck, carnival games, music, food, dancing, karaoke, story time for kids, clowns, hula dancing, fitness classes, and a lot more! At least 500 people came out for this event. Even a group of cops came to the event. I got a little scared and asked if everyting was alright, one said, "Oh yea, it's a beautiful day and this event is so much fun!"

The bunny petting zoo was a huge hit, but I must admit it saddened me. Last week my bunny Thunder died. This is Thunder.

She was a pain in the ass, but one of the most wonderful pets I have ever had. Only a pain because of the amount of work it required to care for her, but she was worth it. She cuddled with me like another cat and, obviously, she was so stinking cute. I miss Thunder. =(

After my other events I would have celebrated with junk food, so now I am thinking of another way to reward myself for the amount of work I put into that event. It wasn't perfect, but neither is life. It was good enough for me to enjoy a long bath and maybe a plan an afternoon out with my kids tomorrow. Normally after planning an event, I do not skip a beat. I can not afford to stop working, but I am going to enjoy tomorrow and Tuesday off from working.

At the event today I did something super corny and silly. I got on the loud speaker and said, "this song is for my husband because he rocks" and had the DJ play "Rock Me" by Great White. lol I was a little embaresed to do it, but I super love him.

Before, at events with over a hundred vendors I have let the negativity of a few bring me crashing down. Not anymore. I loved my event and I feel that if just a few complainers were not happy, then over all I am still victorious. The hardest part about doing these kind of events is working for all my sponsors. All of my vendors are each my boss for the day and my goal is to please them. Planning an event for just one company is easy, because I cam please one business no problem, but having 50+ "bosses" is a little draining.

Anyway, in regards to weight loss, I am doing well. I have been doing the Isagenix cleanse for almost two weeks and still going strong. So far I have lost almost 45 pounds all together. Not to shabby, but I still have a long way to go. Tomorrow I am starting the liqued tea cleanse for two days and that is hard core.

To see a slide show of pictures from today's event, please visit

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